Digital Roadmap™ Assessment and Strategy

What are the big stories you want to tell with your organization or company’s vision? What types of risks and barriers will you face? How do we best translate your company’s products and services in order to find your targeted audience?

With our Digital Roadmap™ Assessment and Strategy planning process, we will dig deep to understand your organization’s vision and goals.

Projection Digital will create a customized, cohesive multichannel Digital Roadmap™ Assessment and Strategy Plan. This plan will take into consideration staff capacity and will outline and prioritize digital communications and marketing efforts for implementation.

Assessment and strategy recommendations could include:

  • Current website/s evaluation and recommendations
  • Social media channels evaluation and recommendations
  • Mobile considerations
  • Current digital “footprint” evaluation and recommendations (including SEO, SEM, online reviews, and email marketing)
  • Online reputation management recommendations

The Digital Roadmap Assessment and Strategy Plan will outline strategy, tactics and the tools needed to grow and measure a sustainable, effective digital presence. The overarching roadmap plan will offer a prioritized menu of options that spells out capacity issues, resources needed and potential ROI to implement recommendations. 

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How We Work

Projection Digital assesses organizational and business needs to implement an engaging, dynamic online presence that is sustainable and authentic. Each organization and business is unique and Projection Digital provides boutique, tailored services and tactics for the digital realm including web, social media, email and additional digital tools. We focus on values-based campaigns that engage with the audiences that most effectively intersect with organizational mission and goals.

Our Philosophy

Projection Digital partners with organizations and businesses to advance their missions and cultivate meaningful online and offline relationships. Strategy is key and value-based authenticity and engagement with our communities is what we bring to projects.

Our Promise

We deliver highly tailored, effective services through cheerful cooperation and partnership. From strategy to implementation, we put together a team of seasoned professionals to develop innovative and sustainable projects.