Colorado WAGEES


Projection Digital worked with the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL) to facilitate outreach for the Colorado Work and Gain Education & Employment Skills (WAGEES) program. The WAGEES program provides reentry services to people who are about to be, or have been, released from a correctional facility. The WAGEES program works with the the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) and a collective group of community and faith-based organizations that provide a wide array of services to community members. Projection Digital's work included video production, project management and building a new Colorado WAGEES website that features 19 videos of the community partner organizations and the program overview.

Community Crime Victim Services (CCVS)


Projection Digital worked with the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership (LCCL) to launch the Community Crime Victim Services (CCVS) website as part of a sub-branding process for the organization to increase outreach for its programmatic work. LCCL is an intermediary organization and the grant administrator for the CCVS program. The CCVS grant program works to reduce repeat victimization and expand community-based support services to crime victims. The program focuses on those that are historically underserved by crime victim services, namely people of color, men, and young adults.

Transforming Safety


Since 2017, the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC) has worked with community members and a bi-partisan group of state legislators to try a new approach to public safety. The Transforming Safety project was born out of this effort and Projection Digital worked with CCJRC and project stakeholders to develop a digital communications campaign, project website, and storytelling project.

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